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Security Tags Outside Packaging = Dented Steels!

Security Tags Outside Packaging = Dented Steels!

One thing steelbook collectors hate are dented or dinged steels. We try to do many things to protect these to maintain their beauty and collectibility, but sometimes its hard to combat these issues. Today we are reporting on what would be a guaranteed dented steel if you are the type of collector who keeps steels sealed.

Don’t get me wrong, these wont dent in say a week or even a month after manufacturing. However, if you keep your steelbook sealed and the security tag is in the position like the picture below then you can rest assured that you will get a slight indentation on your steelbook in the size of the security tag. It just mashes up against the steel and leaves no room to breathe, and if you store your steels side by side on a rack of some sort or use protective packaging then your just pressing it up even harder.

We write this article today to not only show and fore warn our readers and avid collectors, but to send this article on to the powers that be to try and push forward upon the retailers that if they are to include security tags that they please be in the inside.

The most recent release that I can think of that has this type of security tag placement is The Book of Eli from FutureShop.

Have you ever encountered a security tag in this place or a dented steel because of it?


  1. I hate that also! With a passion!

  2. I've had this happen too. On one steel, and then on the terminator salvation ironpack.

  3. This and stickers annoy the heck out of me.

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