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Upcoming WB Blu-ray Steelbook Wave Confirmed!

Upcoming WB Blu-ray Steelbook Wave Confirmed!

September 21st we reported on the upcoming WB steelbook wave, and today that wave became a reality. It’s spreading fast around the net, but if you still dont know then you will be able to see the following confirmed WB blu-ray steelbook titles set to release. Additionally, Canadian retailer giant FutureShop is offering a poll on their forums allowing the fans/collectors of steelbooks to vote for the next eligble titles of wave 2 of the upcoming WB blu-ray steelbook wave.

Some folks may squeam when they see that I am Legend is getting a re-release, but the artwork tho very close to identical is still different with the blu-ray stripe strip missing from the top. However, it does resemble that of the DVD steelbook release. Regardless, the value of the original I Am Legend blu-ray steelbook is surely to drop due to a decrease in demand for the title with many folks being satisfied with the upcoming re-release.

There is definitely some good titles and some with great artwork. Their should be something for everyone with this batch! Props to WB, FutureShop and Scanavo for coming together and providing an option for the community to have a choice in the upcoming wave 2 of the steelbooks.


Just for further confirmation, all Warner Steelbook titles will be in G2 size (Blu-ray size).

*Thanks to forum member King5six1 for the tip.


  1. Everyone is excited for I Am Legend. Now I save some money so I can buy most of these.

  2. It's almost too much! LOL

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