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A-Team SteelBook in Thailand? If so … Where Next?

A-Team SteelBook in Thailand? If so … Where Next?

Mangpong, a thailand etailer is showing a listing for the upcoming title A-Team in blu-ray steelbook form. There’s been quite a few rumours if this will be a steelbook or some other metal packaging as boomerang lists it as a metalpak. Regardless, I’d bet that this will get steelbook somewhere. Anyone willing to guess which country?

This title and its speculation is currently be talked about in the forums. Additionally thanks to Ben? For the reminder email for us to get a post up. 😉

Update: Now we’re getting word it could possibly be IronPack, we’ll keep you posted. Give us SteelBook!

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  1. Cool movie to have a SteelBook treatment!

  2. Just had an email back from Wanwisa at Mangpong Shopping Online. The A-Team is a Metalpak not a steelbook 🙁



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