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AVATAR 3-Disc Extended Edition Blu-ray Steelbook in Japan!

AVATAR 3-Disc Extended Edition Blu-ray Steelbook in Japan!

It has begun! The first AVATAR Extended Edition Steelbook has appeared in the Land of the Rising Sun via The title contains all the bells and whistles the first release was missing, including 3 different versions of the film. Release date is November 26th at the price of ¥ 5,913 (approx. $71.40 USD). Check below for more details and artwork!

Extras (Using Google Translate for the details from

Unreleased footage added 16 minutes
All three species included in the package specification this title 3-Disc Limited Edition luxury!
“Extended Edition” Avatar (178 min.)
“Avatar Special Edition” (171 min.)
“Avatar the original version” (162 min.)

? Extended Edition Highlights
– A new army of animal (including the Special Edition)
– The love scene with Jake Neitiri (including the Special Edition)
– Starting with the opening of Earth Shock (Extended Edition only)& concept was born 14 years spent four years making “avatar” apparent in about 10 hours of exclusive benefit of the whole picture!

– Documentary Production
– Collection of unreleased scenes
Decomposition of the final image – and the explanation made by superimposing a three way shoot
Screenplay by James Cameron
Encyclopedia – Avatar: Pandorapedia
– 5 songs in the film directed by James Cameron did not use “avatars song” lyrics
– Interview with the back of the production staff
– Making Collection
– Until there is visual
Further more, if the Internet connection is available and how the test 90 minutes of video scenes!

? inclusion of Blu-ray only benefits
– “Avatar” deluxe edition booklet about his unpublished photographs and illustrations in the back of the production (40P)

? Direct access to additional Scene
– From Special Edition
– From Extended Edition

? collection of unreleased scenes
Documentary: “avatar” Anatomy of
? Message from Pandora
Pre-production: Footage
– See Art Gallery “Avatar”
– “Brother Termite” scene from
Avatar of-ILM’s model
– Sam Worthington Screen Test (unedited video)
– Zoe Saldana Screen Test (unedited video)
– Zoe molded (unedited video)
– James Cameron’s speech to start capturing (unedited video)
By VFX-ILM’s process
By VFX-FrameStore’s process
By VFX-Hydraulx’s process
By VFX-Hybride’s process
Process of company-Prime Focus VFX
-Look Effects by VFX’s process
– Staff Film: “The Volume”

Disc-3 – motion capture – see step by step
1.’s Final level of the video with Picture in Picture
2. Capture level
3. Template Level
? Production Behind the Scenes
– Modeling clay
– The Birth of salmon roe
– Birth of Sanata
Suit-AMP Development
– “Avatar” aircraft
– Navi costumes
– Can speak to the Navi
– Pandora’s ecosystem
– Stunts – Performance Capture
– Virtual camera
Fusion-3D Camera
– Simulcam
– “Avatar” Edit
– “Avatar” Music
– Sound design
– The great spirit of New Zealand
– Original theatrical trailer (1)
– Original theatrical trailer (2)
– “Avatar” draft
– By James Cameron’s “Avatar” screenplay
– Pandorapedia
– “Avatar” song
– “Avatar” Art

Link: AVATAR 3-Disc Extended Edition Exclusive

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  1. WOW! This one does look amazing.I will have to order it even though the price is outrageous!! 🙂

  2. This I want! Soooooo cool!

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