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Avatar Extended Edition Korean Blu-ray SteelBook

Avatar Extended Edition Korean Blu-ray SteelBook

On November 30th 2010, Korea will be releasing their version of the Extended Edition for the mega blockbuster Avatar. K2 is showing a listing for a Blu-ray steelbook edition, that looks absolutely stunning. The edition comes with 3 discs. The movie boasts audio tracks in English (5.1 DTS-HD Master Lossless Audio) / Russian (5.1 DTS) / Portuguese, Spanish (DD 5.1) and subtitles in Korean, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Thai.

Thanks to Artur Carvalho via our Submit News feature for the tip.

Product Link:


  1. as also avatar steelbook for pre-order but the price is lower than in K2DVD. And I think they have free shipping…

  2. Hi,

    Will the Korean edition be region locked or can it be placed in the UK. I've ordered mine from Yesasia and the shipping is free.

    Also, check out a steelbook exclusive from Australia:

  3. That avatar at JB-Hifi is a tin like Band of Brothers. Not steelbook, unless the listing is wrong and my eyes deceive me and thats a jumbo.

  4. this steelbook is jaw-dropping. thanks for the pre-order is in!

  5. You're right Wreck. Sorry, my mistake.

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