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Iron Man 2 Hong Kong Blu-ray SteelBook

Iron Man 2 Hong Kong Blu-ray SteelBook

We recently posted in our forums the announcement of Hong Kong having a blu-ray steelbook of Iron Man 2. Not a huge surprise as they are popping up everywhere, however this one has turned out to be an absolute beauty. This one may resemble that of the Taiwan version to soon release as well, but regardless we are able to tell that this is embossed much like the famed Iron Man FutureShop Blu-ray Steelbook. The pictures below were provided by Steelbook enthusiast “Sutter” ; so many thanks to him!!! They were first brought to our attention from avid collector Kaliraver ; props to him as well. As you can see, this edition of Iron Man 2 looks like a perfect match to the first Canadian one.

Right now this version can be had on and ( has a temporary art place holder so only time will tell if it matches that of playasia, but many folks claim to get hit with customs fees from playasia so it’ll be interesting to wait till updates their listing.)


  1. This is a SWEET one to get! I must HAVE IT!!!!!

  2. I want it

  3. This one is sweet!

  4. Is sweet…and vs the Metal pack with 3d dimensional cover is a very hard fight. i have both just because this one is similar to the first Iron man steelbook. is it very strange that this is a chinese press. Not for the chinese but when something is well made i have some doubts….

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