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The Crow Blu-ray SteelBook In Germany

The Crow Blu-ray SteelBook In Germany

Weeks ago, Justintime2k on our forums brought to our attention the news of The Crow blu-ray steelbook. Such news was found at the German blu-ray site Further information from “American Baron” let us know that the product manager from eurovideo chimed in to thoughts, suggestions and opinions from the forum community there to create the steelbook artwork below.

A really cool thing for Eurovideo to do, on the heels of the recent poll @ FutureShop in Canada for the upcoming WB wave of blu-ray steelbooks. It seems like finally the steelbook collector community might be getting enough weight to help in the choosing and artwork process. Thanks to all those who helped make this possible, from both sets of forum communities, Scanavo, SteelBook(tm) & all the collectors! Both stickers on The Crow blu-ray steelbook are removeable. Releasing on December 9th, order yours today! Group Buy currently being held on our forums for this title for those in need of importing.

Props to “Ray” via our contact submit form who informed us of this title a longgggggg time ago. We just waited for info to populate on this one before reporting.

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  1. Wow! Finally Brandon Lee's film The Crow is on a Blu-Ray SteelBook! This is a MUST for any fan of the film and Brandon Lee himself!

  2. ..been waitin' for this one for a while-can't wait to see this in hi-def!

  3. I agree josh…

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