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The Expendables Blu-ray SteelBook in the UK

The Expendables Blu-ray SteelBook in the UK

It’s been a busy last few days in the world of steel, but I better post this one fast. We’ve gotten quite a few emails regarding this one and they are still pouring in. I guess we all love some big time action flicks! We first tipped you about the The Expendables getting a Steelbook release @ FutureShop. Which then got us to thinking that the metal tin in the UK may just be listed wrong.

With info we received from Mr. Snowblood and Justintime2k on our forums we decided to reach out to our contacts and shortly after we were told to check the listing again. Sure enough, it was changed. Great news for those across the pond as with the abundance of titles coming out in the next few months every country needs as many local steels as they can get. Importing is turning into madness! Madness I say! :p

Currently The Expendables Blu-ray Steelbook in the UK can be grabbed at Play.

Play -The Expendables Blu-ray SteelBook

We’d like to additionally thank those for the emails. Ralf, Ben and I may have missed a few.

Next up, some awesome pics of the Karate Kid steel! The burnt orange almost makes you want to buy this regardless if you want the movie or not. :p Beautiful steel, check it out.

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