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Black Friday Has Came Early for German SteelBooks!

Black Friday Has Came Early for German SteelBooks!

Hot Deal Alert: The following SteelBooks have received a recent price drop and are now clocking in at scorching hot prices! Get your orders in before they bounce back up. Some of these titles are re-releases but with different artwork and with release dates in December. This isn’t a sale in regards to Black Friday, but with such low prices and Black Friday only a few days away we decided to use that as the title. Enjoy!

All titles are priced 12.97 Euros at the time of posting. Thanks to justintime2k for the heads up!

300 Blu-ray SteelBook

The Hangover Blu-ray SteelBook

Troy Blu-ray SteelBook

The Dark Knight Blu-ray SteelBook

Gran Torino Blu-ray SteelBook

Sherlock Holmes Blu-ray SteelBook


  1. You missed The Golden Compass 😉

  2. and 10,000bc, though thats an easy miss! 🙂

  3. you guys are right! Check out the latest hot deal post we just made as it has District 9 at a price cheaper than those! Tempts me since I own that D9 but it has a small dent … haha.

  4. thanks for the update..i will be one happy camper if germany ever decides to get rid of that ratings logo on the box-i hate that thing!

  5. The only thing I hate is when they put a sticker on the back of some steelbooks and make them look cheap.

  6. I'm more tired of the sticker being on the steelbook, put it on the shrink wrap! For those of us who keep all or many sealed it just sucks to see the sticker on the metal as you know overtime it just becomes harder and harder to get off.

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