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Inception Blu-ray SteelBook at FYE in the USA

Inception Blu-ray SteelBook at FYE in the USA

FYE, aka “For Your Entertainment” a store mostly focused in the malls of America is set to release a Blu-ray SteelBook of the hit movie Inception in their stores. This steelbook will be in BD size, and is going to be of limited quantity. For those crossing their fingers that Best Buy will get this edition, you can uncross them. Best Buy will not be getting this Steelbook.

Rumors first ran rampant a week ago when a person posted a picture of signage from a store promoting this steelbook. We then confirmed on our forums that it would be of BD size and not the speculated DVD size.

Thanks to Johnathan Hartman for putting a fire under our butt to get this post out since we’re a little late to cover it officially on the site.


  1. What do you mean, that this will not be the best buy.

    please comment


  2. Just saw the movie and I will buy the SteelBook!

  3. What do you mean with, this will not be the best buy?


  4. What I mean is, there is a store in the USA called "Best Buy" that typically gets steelbooks. Just saying that Best Buy wont be getting this steelbook.

  5. just pre-ordered the steelbook at FYE on a blind buy…hopefully it'll be the same as the futureshop release..which looks spectacular(front and back)!

  6. i am interested in this one, great movie

  7. will this be available in store or only online?

  8. In store.

  9. I really wish someone would confirm if the FYE Inception steelbook comes with a digital copy like Canada's Futureshop Inception Steelbook. The FYE website only says Blu-ray not Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy.

  10. FYE BLOWS! They did not have enough copies to meet customer demand and canceled many of the orders placed through their website, also the Inception SB is DVD size, not BD.

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