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The Town Blu-ray SteelBook

The Town Blu-ray SteelBook

I hoped that The Town would get a steelbook release, and my hoping came true. On the same hand, now we’re in a time where if one big title gets a steelbook release then many other countries follow. Anyone else? 🙂

The Town releases on blu-ray steelbook in Canada at FutureShop on December 17th. The price may seem high, but these prices typically decrease up until release. So just keep any eye out.

Thanks to justintime2k for the heads up from our forums.

Product Listing: The Town Blu-ray SteelBook FutureShop


  1. So cool! Finally a GREAT movie that deserves a steelbook treatment! Thanxs!!!!!!

  2. one of the best films of the year..steelbook looks incredible! hopefully, someone who DOES ship to the states will carry this.

  3. I agree Josh! Hopefully it is a U.S.A. product!

  4. Nice!

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