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You Might Be Interested In Blu-ray Steelbook List Updated Blu-ray Steelbook List Updated

Update: October 1st 2012. If you are looking for a steelbook list then you should join the forums at – On the forums we give free access to a world-wide up-to-date steelbook and media collection manager. In the CM you can track your collection versus others and many other cool statistics. Join up at the free forums and see all steelbooks world-wide with real scans of the actual steelbooks themselves!

As the title suggests, the Blu-ray Steelbook list has been updated. It was definitely needed and went a lot longer this time before updating, but we appreciate all those who helped with info sent in. We typically wait about a month before updating, but we’ve had a lot of other updates going on elsewhere within the sites that you may have noticed. 🙂

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