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Machete Blu-ray Steelbook listing appears in the UK

Machete Blu-ray Steelbook listing appears in the UK

Thanks to Justintime2k and Lottigee who pretty much at the same time sent us info on this one. It really wasn’t a surprise but more so a matter of time before we saw another Machete Steelbook. We first reported of a Machete Blu-ray steelbook in Sweden that had appeared a couple months ago. If there is one thing we learned in 2010 and 2011 going forward is that when there is one steelbook, there are others to follow. currently has a listing up for a Machete Steelbook scheduled to release on March 21st 2011. It currently shows a price tag o £0.01 … but don’t get excited, it cant be added to the cart. 😉

Collector’s seem to be happier when there is only 1 to 3 releases of a particular movie on steel, thus increasing the value and demand for the title later on. Do you think Machete will be one of those titles with only 1-3 releases on steel world-wide, or will it be a full fledge steelie release? What do you think?

Who’s going to score them a Machete Steelbook?

Product Page: Machete HMV UK Listing

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  1. Now available for £16.99 to pre order…liked the £0.01p better. Lottigee

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