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Machete Blu-ray SteelBook Limited Edition Exclusive

Machete Blu-ray SteelBook Limited Edition Exclusive

After the first Machete steelbook surfaced on a Sweden site, I knew like many of you all that we were probably going to see more Machete releases world-wide. The UK was next to get a Machete listing and close to around the same time Germany got an exclusive box set limited edition that had many wondering of its true contents. We got word and posted on our forums a couple weeks ago that this edition would indeed contain a steelbook as well. I think its pretty obvious that by far this is the one to get! It certainly looks to be one really cool box set. Can any other Country top this? They better use different artwork if they are going to try …

Machete (Limited Special Edition, exklusiv bei [Blu-ray]

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  1. DANNY TREJO IS THE MAN!!!!….the steelbook is beautiful, the movie is great…

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