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The End of an Era, Or the Beginning of a New? 240+ SteelBooks for Sale!

The End of an Era, Or the Beginning of a New? 240+ SteelBooks for Sale!

We don’t normally advertise an individual who is selling a steelbook, or even a few for that matter. However, one of our forum members, and a trusted member in the entire global steelbook community has over 240 Steelbooks for sale in our trading section as he is clearing out most all of his inventory. (Owning over 300 steelbooks!) The infamous Crash Kelly.

There is definitely some rare gems and limited versions (with inclusions of booklets, etc.) in his collection that are for sale. So we felt it was big enough news. 😉

We typically have a post count limit before you can access this forum for many technical reasons and protection for our members. However, we’re pulling that down for one week only for Steelbook fans world-wide to be able to try and source some of these collectibles.


Picture is that of my personal collection long ago and does not represent that of Crash Kelly’s HUGE collection!


  1. Good luck with the sale dude 😀

  2. how can i buy some?

  3. how can we purchace some

  4. does this guy have a website or a listing of what's available? How can we contact him?

  5. Just reply to his thread on the forums.

  6. Salt steelbook. The first portuguese BD steelbook.

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