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Wave 2 of Warner Blu-ray SteelBooks

Wave 2 of Warner Blu-ray SteelBooks

It wasn’t long ago that we all saw Wave 1 of the warner blu-ray steelbooks that included such titles as V for Vendetta, 300, 10,000 BC and more. One thing that happened last time was that the listings went up on before the artwork was shown for a price lower than for what they ended up selling for on a regular basis. For those that pre-ordered early, they struck quite the deal!

Now here we go again! Some of the titles have popped up and are for pre-order. My best advice would be that you all pre-order now, and as time approaches the release date and they aren’t steelbook then you can cancel your order. Though, its highly likely these are the steels folks!

Here are the pre-order links, set to release on March 1st with a current pre-order price of $18.99. Could they stay at this price? Sure, they could. Though they could go in the 21.99 range, so it wouldnt hurt to pre-order early!

Goodfelllas [Blu-ray]

Heat [Blu-ray]

Batman Begins [Blu-ray]

Matrix [Blu-ray]

2001 Space Odyssey [Blu-ray]


  1. thanks for the info…goodfellas and the matrix are must buys for sure!

  2. Judging from the picture of the cover at Amazon, I dont think The Matrix is a steelbook 🙁

  3. re: mr. steel

    I pre-ordered the matrix. r u sure it’s a steelbook? it looks a lot like the digibook which i already own…

  4. Don't worry, plenty of time for it to be updated as a steelbook and for the artwork to change. 😉

  5. They have been updated to steel books now! 🙂 Sweeeeeet!

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