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Fast & Furious Five Steelbook in Germany

Fast & Furious Five Steelbook in Germany

Now this one is ridiculously early, but who can complain right? At least you’ll know it’s coming have time to save up some cash as for now this release is pretty pricey. Fast & Furious Five has gotten a listing over in Germany on with a price of EUR 27.99 (approx. $39.53 USD). The title is set to be released on November 30th. No artwork is currently available. Listing can be found right here.


  1. Okay, I admit it – these movies are guilty pleasures of mine. I have them all on blu-ray, and my pre-order is in. Thanks Jorge!

    • I only liked the first, I hope this new one is actually good :p

  2. This is getting got!

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