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Drive Angry Steelbook in Netherlands [Update]

Drive Angry Steelbook in Netherlands [Update]

Drive Angry is receiving Steelbook treatment in Netherlands on June 5th. This title still has a tentative price of EUR 227.99 (approx. $40.04 USD). Here’s the listing incase you are interested.

UPDATE: New Price EUR 22.99 and release date of July 5th.

Update 2:

For the past few weeks we had been trying to confirm this product, we had plenty of correspondence from our readers and we were proactive in verifying all the information in this post. We had the film company in charge of distributing the film saying it was a Steelbook and yet at the last minute they said it was a Star MetalPak.

If you ordered this product from and would like to cancel you can get a refund. Keep in mind it is a small operation and it can take some time for all refunds can be processed but rest assure they will be done.

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