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Hannah Blu-ray SteelBook

Hannah Blu-ray SteelBook

I know we’re a little late on this one. 😉 But we had to get this post up due to the immense amout of emails we received from you all. It seems like this will be a pretty popular steelbook! There was quite a few names to mention, so we won’t list them all but just a special thanks to our readers for helping us out. Your emails are constant reminders for us to quit slacking. 😉 In any regard, the info is always on the forums so be sure to check that area out if you aren’t already a member!

Hanna will be released in the UK on August 29th, 2011 in collectible blu-ray steelbook form. has already posted artwork for this title and it looks to be done up quite nicely. The pictures are below, enjoy!

So who’s getting this one? It’s Universal so it’s 99.99999% region free! 🙂

Hanna – Limited Edition Steelbook Triple Play (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy)

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  1. one of my favorite movies so far this year…my preorder is in!

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