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Universal Studios France – October 2011 Wave

Universal Studios France – October 2011 Wave

UPDATE: Jurassic Park canceled for France, look to Canada for SteelBook

Hey folks! Great news for fans of those Universal Trilogies or other Universal steelbooks. It appears that Universal France will be releasing a wave of steelbooks in October of 2011.

At press time, it’s unclear if these steelbooks will indeed all be G2 (or blu-ray) sized steelbooks. Many
of our collectors have gotten a bit nervous given that the initial or preliminary steelbook artwork appears to be G1 (dvd) sized.

Please remember that Universal releases are typically region free discs.

Titles currently announced include:

Jason Bourne Trilogy
Russell Crowe Trilogy
The Mummy Trilogy
Inglorious Basterds Horizontal Steelbook
Mesrine 1&2

Look for this new wave of steelbooks on October 12, 2011 and don’t forget about the Jurassic Park Trilogy, also by Universal, with a release date yet to be announced.


  1. the jason bourne collection looks awesome!

  2. Never ordered from – will these movies (most notably Jason Bourne) be region free?

  3. yes, Jason Bourne will be region free as Universal is almost always 100% region free. If you visit our forums, we might be posting info about a group buy soon.

  4. Hello, new to this but how do i get info on the group buy a would be interested.

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