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CONFIRMED NOT STEELBOOK! – X-Men: First Class Metal Packaging

CONFIRMED NOT STEELBOOK! – X-Men: First Class Metal Packaging


100% CONFIRMED THIS IS NOT A STEELBOOK! HERE AT we support ONLY steelbooks and not those who infringe on copyrights! Let’s hope another Country gets an X-men First Class SteelBook that we can all import!

Old article below …

Here’s a rumor that I would personally like if it turns out to be true, Futureshop in Canada has listed X-Men: First Class with description of “Collectible Metal Packaging”. Now we are not completely sure yet if that means that it will be a Steelbook or an Ironpak or a Tin. For now we’ll keep this as a rumor until further notice. Here’s the listing if you are interested.

*Thanks to Brandon for the heads up.


  1. this looks awesome i need this

  2. agree ^ hopefully it's iron pack ^^

  3. You have no evidence to back up your claim. I call BS on your article.

    • We talked to the people who sell the Steelbooks to the stores and they confirmed it. Also, Futureshop doesn’t make these kind of mistakes either.

  4. metal, steel, tin, or iron it doesn't matter – it looks great

    • Yeah the artwork is awesome.

    • Yes it looks great…it doesnt matter as long as its not plastic…:)

  5. When you see that we are right Mr. Cynical, be sure to come back here and apologize!

  6. Does future shop ship to the us

  7. There is no future shop metal packaging listing it has been removed

    • I pre-ordered mine from France too today. Releases in October though gotta wait almost 2 extra months to get it. I will change that order though if someone in Canada or USA releases one.

  8. this steelbook packaging was on for a limited time as it has now been taken off due to too many people pre-ordering the product. but i got mine safely pre-ordered 🙂

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