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New Blu-ray Metal Packaging – Blu-ray Metal Box

New Blu-ray Metal Packaging – Blu-ray Metal Box

It’s common news now that FutureShop has announced and posted the listings for this year’s upcoming metal packaging. Though no one has stated what the metal packaging is. Here at we are obviously big supporters of the SteelBook brand. Most all collectors world-wide know of IronPack and how it’s gotten into legal trouble for infringing on trademarks for the SteelBook brand. Enter the new boy in town, Blu-ray Metal Box. How long will these last? We dont know. Are they a quality made product? We don’t know. Though I do know that retailers have yet to reveal anything besides artwork in regards to these listings. We are however showing you what the product is, so that you the consumer are fully aware of what the product is before ordering.

X-Men: The First Class is set to release in Canada at Future Shop in a blu-ray metal box. X-Men: The First Class is also set to release in SteelBook from France. We currently have group buy opportunities on our Forums for those interested in getting the SteelBook. (no matter what Country you live in.) has a few other steelbook listings as well so you could just order X-men and some other steelies to save on shipping. If it’s just the X-Men steelbook you want then a group buy might be best.

X-men : Le commencement (first class) – Blu-ray Collector en ├ędition limitee [Blu-ray]

Here is the official site to that of a Blu-ray Metal Box.

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