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Pulp Fiction Steelbook in the UK

Pulp Fiction Steelbook in the UK

After the news that Jackie Brown and Pulp Fiction were finally going to be released in the UK and USA, we got news that a Steelbook would also accompany the Pulp Fiction release. The artwork appears to be very similar to the one released in France a while ago. This Steelbook is available only at and it will be released on October 17th with the price of £15.99 (approx. $26.20 USD.)


  1. Are you kidding me? We NEED this steelbook stateside. I'll never understand why most steelbooks, special editions, limited editions, ultimate collector's set blu-rays, etc…are exclusive to Europe or Asia. Aren't these American films with U.S. actors?

    • Don't be a dick, america get everything and normally before U.K anyway, stop your whining $poilt child

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