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The Last Samurai SteelBook Review

The Last Samurai SteelBook Review

The Last Samurai arrived on blu-ray steelbook in Canada from Warner Bros on June 28th 2011. Below we have reviewed this lovely steelbook with a video and pictures for your viewing pleasure. The Last Samurai blu-ray steelbook is presented with matte finish and includes inside artwork. For those of you who are importing this the audio and subtitle information can be found below. If you need any more information regarding the disc inside this steelbook edition then please refer or ask questions on the title specific Last Samurai Blu-ray Steelbook thread in the forums for faster assistance.

Audio: English, French, Spanish
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish

Note: There are no subtitles on the special features.

This title has been tested and confirmed Region Free.

Purchase The Last Samurai (Le dernier samouraï): Limited Edition Steel Book[Blu-ray]


  1. This is a must have, such an epic movie.

  2. I'd be so glad if there was the pt-br subtitle… It's sad!
    Love the movie and it's a beautiful item.

  3. How can people hate on this movie, but love Dances with Wolves? They are both epics from different time settings. Love it, awesome awesome steelbook too! A must have!

  4. fantastic art choice WB!

  5. damn, didn’t realize the inside artwork looked that good. I need to get this!

  6. mind-blowing movie with great picture quality .this is must buy product for all epic movie collectors. I love how they did the back of this steelbook.

  7. Ordered!

  8. The last samurai is epic! this is a must have steelbook!

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