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Thor Steelbook in the US? NO! :(

Thor Steelbook in the US? NO! :(


There’s some speculation that the listing that appeared on Best Buy’s website for Thor is an actual Steelbook. The pictures are too small to see any sort of spine for us to tell and we also haven’t received a confirmation from Scanavo about this release at the moment. For now we’ll put it as a Steelbook (crossing fingers) until further notice. Best Buy is listing (see here) the release for September 13th with a price of $29.99 USD.

*Thanks to Jimmy for the heads up.


  1. US is not getting a Steelbook from BestBuy. Check link below for more info.

  2. we know, we posted the update days ago in the beginning of this post. Tho hard to spot when on the homepage the title of this post was also changed to reflect it. Thanks for the contributing info tho .

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