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Uncharted 3 SteelBook Collectors Edition Unboxed!

Uncharted 3 SteelBook Collectors Edition Unboxed!

Today we have received the video for the upcoming smash hit Uncharted 3 on Playstation. This is by far one of the best looking steelbooks ever! The edition comes with a side show collectible Drake figure, an Uncharted 3 modeled belt buckle, and the ring that Drake is often seen wearing around his neck. This is a must have for all Uncharted fans, and after you pre-order this bad boy you might want to try and source you the Uncharted 2 SteelBook Edition which released last year in the UK.

Purchase Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Collector’s Edition

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  1. OK you had me at "steelbook" – I want to go to there! Not showing on Amazon UK though… Could this just be for the US market? We got the Uncharted 2 Steelbook so I'm going to hold off my pre-order in case it turns up over here…

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