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X-Men First Class Blu-ray SteelBook In the UK

X-Men First Class Blu-ray SteelBook In the UK

I know it’s been a bummer for folks to hear that the X-Men First Class Metal Packaging in Canada is not a steelbook. However, fear not ladies and gents as our good friends across the pond from have saved the day! has an exclusive X-Men First Class Blu-ray SteelBook that is up for pre-order now. Now for those of you in Europe, order away … for those of you in the USA, find a group buy! We have a group buy currently being conducted for folks in the USA on our forums here at this site and Hi-Def Ninja.

Currently set to release on October 31st, X-men First Class Blu-ray steelbook is ringing in at £17.49. The official product page can be found here and our official forum thread can be found here – X-Men First Class Blu-ray Steelbook


  1. The collectable metal packaging from Future shop Canada has been cancelled, official word from their website :There will not be an X-Men First Class Collectible Packaging sku offered for street date any longer as it has been cancelled from the studio."

  2. This has already sold out. Bummer.

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