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Video – Shawshank Redemption Blu-ray Steelbook Video

Video – Shawshank Redemption Blu-ray Steelbook Video

As reported earlier at the announcement of the Shawshank Redemption Blu-ray Steelbook we all were waiting anxiously (due to forum chatter) about the inside artwork and back artwork that this steelbook would have. Well today you no longer have to wait, below is an exclusive video to for the time being. If you haven’t already locked in your pre-order, then do so today from the listing below.

Pre-order Shawshank Redemption: Limited Edition Steel Book [Blu-ray]


  1. thanks for the great video. Warner doesn't disappoint – awesome steelbook!

  2. OMG, pure magic *-*

  3. Awesome video! Thanks for the exclusive-can't wait to get this, as part of this wave!

    • We’ll have more videos soon!!

  4. yeah looks great, I like the prison yard art.

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