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Video – The Exorcist Blu-ray SteelBook Video

Video – The Exorcist Blu-ray SteelBook Video

Just like yesterday when we showed off the videos for the upcoming Wizard of Oz SteelBook and Shawshank Redemption SteelBook we’re proud to bring to you the official video for The Exorcist Blu-ray SteelBook. I think this one has really cool inside artwork with the bed scene. Remember to share your thoughts on the official forum post for The Exorcist Blu-ray SteelBook. Lock your pre-order in today if you haven’t already done so and combine with other Steelbooks for the best deal in regards to shipping. If the price reduces before release you will get the lowest price drop since your pre-order.

Pre-order/Purchase The Exorcist: Extended Director’s Cut Limited Edition Steel Book [Blu-ray]


  1. I think I will be scared every time I open this steelbook.

  2. This is hot-I can't wait to add this to my collection!

  3. truly a horror classic…a must have any steelbook collection

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