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Battlefield 3 SteelBook Uncovered!

Battlefield 3 SteelBook Uncovered!

It is our proud pleasure to bring to you the first look at the Battlefield 3 SteelBook from Canada’s FutureShop store. This should be available in stores as a pre-order bonus and holds 3 discs so you can house your both your Bad Company discs if your a fan of that franchise as well. 😉 The artwork is simply stunning with high gloss and internal artwork of a the city skyline. This is a G1 sized steelbook, so that means it is DVD sized. Compared to other Battlefield 3 steelbooks from around the world this seems to be “the one to get”. Enjoy! Further discussion on this title and other SteelBooks can be found on our Forums.

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  1. This is beautiful, I wish I owned an Xbox

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