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Scarface Humidor Blu-ray SteelBook Edition Review

Scarface Humidor Blu-ray SteelBook Edition Review

Below you will find pictures and a video showcasing the Scarface Humidor SteelBook Edition made by the infamous Daniel Marshall. The certificate of authenticity says it is limited to 1,000 world-wide. I myself wonder if this is true due to other Countries getting it as well. 1,000 world-wide? or 1,000 per Country? Moving on…

Not pictured is the regulator which installs under the hygrometer as I was filling it with the liquid prior to installation. The hinges are actually 24k gold covered. (something I didn’t even realize originally.) The Humidor has a 10k clear coat paint finish that is simply stunning. The inside is untreated Spanish cedar, which is capable of holding and properly storing 100 cigars.

The Scarface steelbook is the same one which can be bought separately at stores nation-wide. (USA) And the cigars that you see in the video down below do not come with the edition. 😉

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  1. seems excessive, and I don't smoke either, LOL

  2. awesome edition.

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