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The Polar Express Blu-ray SteelBook Review

The Polar Express Blu-ray SteelBook Review

We’re proud to bring to you the review of the Canadian version The Polar Express Blu-ray SteelBook from Warner Bros. This edition has been fully tested and reviewed for all the things we SteelBook lovers look for when it comes to making decisions in regards to purchasing SteelBooks. The info on this release can be found below with a video and pictures as well.

This disc has been tested and is region free. (A-B-C) The back paper of the steelbook showcases correct audio tracks and subtitles, the fully tested findings can be found listed below.

Purchase The Polar Express: Limited Edition Steel Book [Blu-ray]

This title releases nationwide in Canada on October 18th and can be found in FutureShop as well.

Audio Language Tracks:

English Dolby Digital




  1. love the blue!

  2. this one is the most beautiful artwork talking from the it..can;t wait to have it…

  3. I love the artwork, inside and out. I hope it has a matt finish and I love that it does not have a banner. Wahoo

  4. This looks great, the artwork is really nice!

  5. Excellent christmas film with an excellent steelbook.On my ever growing to get list.

  6. I'm loving the back artwork, I might just use it as an additional Christmas decoration

  7. As much as I love the case, I won't be buying it. No loessless audio is really upsetting, not to mention, single layered. Then again, the quality of the movie kinda suggests it doesn't need it but still.

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