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Cars 2 Blu-ray Steelbook

Cars 2 Blu-ray Steelbook

Unlike Future shop in Canada and Best Buy in the U.S.A where the Blu ray of Cars 2 was released in a new type of case called Metal Box, Asian countries such as Korea and Taïwan will get Cars 2 in Steelbook edition. The artwork is the same for both countries. And the Steelbook will contain the 2D+3D version of the movie just like the asian Steelbook of “The lion king”. The release date is 18th November for Taïwan, and much later 28th of November for Korea.


  1. I gotta have this, I passed on that metal box crap. Steelbook all the way!

  2. metal box crap ? i bet you don't even have a metal box ? i have both metal box and the steelbook asian version and they are both great, the crappiest version so far is the STEELBOOK-UK version

  3. I had a metal box before anyone else. 😉

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