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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Steelbook – Australia, UK, France

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Steelbook – Australia, UK, France
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Steelbook (G2) (PS3)

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Steelbook (G2) (PS3)

LATEST UPDATE (01/30/2012 – 01/31/2012  important!):

The PS3 version has now been confirmed to be a standard G2 Steelbook by a customer who has received the Zavvi PS3 edition!

However, I also previously found another source to obtain the G2 (non-stickerbook) shown in the above image and it is from Jeux-Video (retail chain partner is Ultima Games I think). This is for only the game + Steelbook and the price is 39,99 €, below is the link. Please note that this standalone release is from a France exclusive retailer.
(apparently some of the physical stores are sold out, but some still have stock available, it is unclear whether online orders will get the Steelbook for sure at this time, thanks to Biscuitnoir from our forums for contacting a few of the physical stores)
This is just a cheaper alternative for those who only want the G2 Steelbook and not the whole Limited Edition bundle.


UPDATE (01/24/2012) : I have updated the top of this page with an actual photo of the PS3 (G2) version of the Steelbook. The Xbox 360 version has been confirmed to be G1 in size and a Stickerbook (revealed in the official unboxing video on the Zavvi Blog). If you are interested in an actual Steelbook (not a Steelbook with a sticker stuck on top for the art) and in G2 size then the PS3 version is the one to get!


Originally as part of the Zavvi exclusive, Ultimate HD Collection, limited to 4000 units for the Playstation 3 that was sold out shortly after pre-orders were made available, The Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Steelbook was made available again a couple of weeks ago and is now limited to 13,000 worldwide according to a customer service representative’s comment on Zavvi’s Blog, and to be released on February 3rd 2012. The Steelbook is now part of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Limited Edition boxset instead of being a standalone Steelbook release and will be available for purchase at both Zavvi (10,000 units) for £69.99, and the Australian EBgames (3000 units) for $118.00 AUD. The art card, Metal Gear Solid videogame PSN code, and Metal Gear Solid 4 will no longer be available in this new set, what will be included are the following items,

– Copy of MGS HD Collection
– Variant MGS HD Collection Steelbook
– MGS T-Shirt, exclusive to this Limited Edition
– 250 page premium art book showcasing the artwork of Yoji Shinkawa

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Limited Edition Boxset

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Limited Edition Boxset (preliminary)

The art book looks to be the same as the one included with the sold out Limited Edition North American release of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, but everything else should be exclusive to this set. Those who pre-ordered the original Ultimate HD Collection set when it was limited to 4000 units for the PS3 will still be receiving a free copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 (Platinum Hits version) with their order when it ships according to the e-mail sent to those who pre-ordered earlier.

According to Zavvi, the distribution of the 13,000 units will be as follows (I have also included links to order for each version at both Zavvi and the Australian EBgames),

Zavvi (10,000 units)
– 4000 units (PS3) (original bundle pre-orders with MGS4 bonus now included)
– 2000 units (PS3) (new units made available a couple of weeks ago)
– 4000 units (Xbox 360)

Australian EBgames (3000 units)
– 2000 units (PS3)
– 1000 units (Xbox 360)

Please note that Zavvi does ship worldwide.

Potential additional details:
Some people have questioned whether this will be a stickerbook or not as the preliminary Steelbook art suggested it was a stickerbook. On the Zavvi Blog, the Zavvi representative, Chet Roivas, responded to an inquiry on this in the comment section with this response:


I have been informed that they are not sticker books, and that if you pre-ordered you should have received an email already. Either way, if you still have your pre-order on the site, you’ll definitely still receive a copy of MGS4.

Hope this helps”

I also posted a question on whether the PS3 version will be G2 sized and this was the representative’s response:


Hi there… I’ve just been told that the PS3 version will indeed be G2 sized rather than DVD sized.

Many thanks”

Some has said that the representatives’ from Zavvi are often time misinformed, but this is still encouraging comments nonetheless. As a huge MGS fan, I am anxiously awaiting the release of this Steelbook this coming February.



  1. The US always get S*IT on when it comes to cool these like this.

    • "Waaaaaaahhh"

      I dont see you Americans complaining during sales events like black friday (and low game prices)! Maybe you should understand that other people deserve perks other than Americans!

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