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Media Markt Exclusive Wave of Blu-ray Steelbooks – Germany

Media Markt Exclusive Wave of Blu-ray Steelbooks – Germany
Media Markt Steelbook wave

Media Markt Steelbook wave

A huge wave of Media Markt exclusive Blu-ray Steelbooks is coming out tomorrow (January 19, 2012)! Below are the titles that has been said to be part of this wave of releases, some are saying there may be even more but that has yet to be confirmed:

9 (Number Nine)
American Gangster
Big Lebowski, The
Blues Brothers

Bourne Ultimatum, The
Fast & Furious 4
Fast & Furious 5
Inglourious Basterds
Gladiator 10th Anniversary
Green Zone
Johnny English

Smokin’ Aces

Surprisingly enough, the artwork for these releases has not been unveiled yet. I will be updating this news article once the first photos of the releases surface. It is kind of fun to have the artwork unveiled during release day though, since most artwork these days are unveiled at least a week or two ahead of the scheduled release date (in some cases even months ahead).

For the latest update and most likely the first photos of these releases (tomorrow), please visit our official forum thread.

UPDATE: Artwork has been confirmed to be different from what I posted earlier, so I have updated the top of this post with the final artwork (courtesy of Masterblaster). There are also quite a few reprinted covers from previous Steelbook releases (Kick-ass, Gladiator, etc.).

Below are the covers for Smokin’ Aces, The Big Lebowski along with the inside art (same ‘art’ for all these releases inside) which was not featured in the above photo (again courtesy of Masterblaster on our forums):

Smokin' Aces cover

Smokin' Aces cover

The Big Lebowski cover

The Big Lebowski cover

Inside art

Inside art




  1. Looks good, Im getting a few. 9, IB, Blues Brothers, and American gangster.

  2. Any link to order?

    • I don’t think Media Markt ships these outside of Germany unfortunately.
      Your best bet is to join one of our group buys (GB) in our official forums (Masterblaster has a thread setup) or purchase them off of eBay.
      For security reasons, members are required to have at least 30 posts in our forums before joining any GBs, though the prices are usually quite a bit cheaper compared to eBay (many times just actual cost + a small fee + shipping).

      I hope this helps. 🙂

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