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Prototype 2 Steelbook – United States

Prototype 2 Steelbook – United States

Best Buy in the United States will be offering a Prototype 2 Steelbook with the purchase of the game, customers also get a free poster along with the Steelbook. This offer appears to be only for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game (both the standard and Blackwatch Collector’s Editions) as the offer notice is not on the PC version’s online listing. At this time the size has not been confirmed, neither is the artwork finalized, but there are two separate product listings for the PS3 version of the Steelbook and 360 version so the PS3 version may be G2 (with the 360 version being G1). This may or may not be the same as the Future Shop Steelbook, but it is looking very likely to be the same since Best Buy owns Future Shop and they often share promotions.

Best Buy Prototype 2 promo

Prototype 2 Steelbook & Poster


The game’s release date is April 24th, 2012, but the listing states that the pre-order bonus items may ship separately from the game. It has also not been confirmed as to whether these pre-order bonuses are offered in stores at the moment. If you are planning on getting this in-stores, it is best to confirm with the Best Buy representatives in-stores in case this is an online exclusive. I will update this post if there is confirmation of this promo being offered in-stores.

Below is a link for the different versions of Prototype 2 available at Best Buy (note: PC version does not seem to qualify for the offer at the moment):
Purchase link

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