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The Next Three Days Blu-ray Steelbook releasing in Germany

The Next Three Days Blu-ray Steelbook releasing in Germany

Studio Canal is also releasing The Next Three Days in Germany as a Steelbook. The artwork is also is in the slick black artwork with movie art. It is slated for September but pricing isn’t avaiable yet.

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In Pittsburgh, the family man and community college teacher John Brennan has his life turned upside down when his beloved wife Lara Brennan is arrested, accused for murdering her boss, and sent to the Allegheny County Jail. Along three years, John raises their son Luke alone and appeals to the court; however, the evidences against Lara are solid – the motive, since she had and argument with her boss; her fingerprints in the murder weapon, a fire extinguisher; blood stain in her coat; and a witness that saw her leaving the parking lot – and her lawyer exhausts all the possible resources in justice. John believes in the innocence of his wife and interviews a former escapee from prison to learn how to plan a prison break. Then he plots a scheme to release Lara and travel abroad with Luke and her. However, he needs documents for the family; an escape plan; and lots of money. When John is informed that Lara will be transferred to the state prison within the next three days, he needs to raise a large amount and anticipate his strategy before the transference. — IMDb Plot: The Next Three Days (2010)

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The Next Three Days Blu-ray Steelbook Germany


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