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Alien Anthology Blu-ray Steelbook is coming to Hong Kong

Alien Anthology Blu-ray Steelbook is coming to Hong Kong

This Alien Anthology Steelbook is releasing in Hong Kong in the next few weeks. It will include all 4 alien films including their 2003 Special Editons. It releases on Spetember 6th and pricing iPad the time of this posting is $599 HKD or $77.30 USD.

Alien Anthology Steelbook Hong Kong Purchase Link

Disc Details:
Synopsis: Includes Both Theatrical and Alternate Version

Region: A
Capacity: 4xBD50
Video Codec: AVC

Video Resolution (maximum) : 1080p
Language : English

Audio Specifications : Italian DTS 5.1
English DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1

Subtitles : Chinese
Tagalog, Italian

Special Feature : – Final Theatrical Isolated Scores
– Deleted and Extended Scenes

Plot for Alien:
While returning from a deep-space mission, the crew of the commercial spaceship Nostromo is awakened by a supposed SOS call from a system they are passing through. Descending to the planet’s surface, they discover a strange derelict spaceship – the apparent source of the transmission – and one of the crew descends into the hold. What he finds are thousands of strange alien eggs. While examining one of the eggs, it hatches and the parasite inside attacks him. After returning to the Nostromo the crew takes off again to head for Earth. The alien parasite subsequently dies and all seems well again. But what no one knows is that another alien is quietly forming within its host – and when it emerges, the crew finds itself in serious trouble. — IMDb Plot: Alien (1979)

Plot for Aliens:
Fifty seven years after Ellen Ripley survived her disastrous ordeal, her escape vessel is recovered after drifting across the galaxy as she slept in cryogenic stasis. Back on earth, nobody believed her story about the “Aliens” on the planet LV-426. After the “Company” orders the colony on LV-426 to investigate, however, all communication with the colony is lost. The Company enlists Ripley to aid a team of tough, rugged space marines on a rescue mission to the now partially terraformed planet to find out if there are aliens or survivors. As the mission unfolds, Ripley will be forced to come to grips with her worst nightmare, but even as she does, she finds that the worst is yet to come. — IMDb Plot: Aliens (1986)

Plot for Alien3:
The film begins on board an escape vessel in which Ripley, Newt, Hicks, and a droid called Bishop are traveling on. The pod crashes on a planet inhabited by prisoners who have been left to govern themselves in a facility, killing Newt, Hicks, and destroying Bishop. Ripley is revived from her cryo-sleep from the prison doctor and soon discovers what happened to her and her remaining crew members. After calling for assistance from the Company they wait for Ripley to be transported off the planet, as she doesn’t belong there. After a short time, a shaven-headed Ripley starts discovering that prisoners are being killed in a very similar manner to that of the Aliens she has faced in the previous two films. Once this is discovered, she and the remaining prisoners must devise a plan to kill the Alien that stalks the prison facility, hiding in ventilation shafts. However, she soon discovers that that it isn’t the only Alien on the planet. There is also a Queen, but where? — IMDb Plot: AlienĀ³ (1992)

Plot for Alien- Resurrection:
200 years after the conclusion of Alien 3, the company is able to resurrect Ripley through the process of cloning and the scientists successfully take the Queen Alien out of her. But, Ripley’s DNA gets mixed up with the Queen’s and she begins to develop certain alien characteristics. The scientists begin breeding the aliens, but they later escape. Soon the Xeno-morphs are running amok on the ship, which is on course to earth. The Queen then gives birth to a deadly new breed of alien, which could spell disaster for the entire human race. It’s up to Ripley and a band of space pirates to stop the ship before it reaches earth. — IMDb Plot: Alien: Resurrection (1997)

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