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World War Z Blu-ray SteelBook will be an Entertainment Store Exclusive this October

World War Z Blu-ray SteelBook will be an Entertainment Store Exclusive this October

The Entertainment Store has really outdone themselves with the new release of World War Z as an Exclsuive blu-ray Steelbook. It will be embossed and numbered with laser etching and limited to 5,000 copies. It releases on October 26th and pricing is £26.99 in GBP or $42.99 in USD. And remember: unless you live in the UK, you should go through our group buy because they don’t ship outside of the UK.

Steelbook features:
– Includes 2D and 3D Blu-Rays (2 discs)
– Embossed red Z on front
– Numbering will be at the bottom right on the front
– Entertainment Store Exclusive sticker
– Pile of Zombies will have a black/grey matte finish
– White area is white (not silver) and will feature a “zero finish”. Zero varnish is a neutral, low-gloss finish but it maintains high color intensity and brightness. Zero varnish has a high resistance to scratching.

Official Group Buy

Order your copy from the Entertainment Store

Visit the Official forum Thread
World War Z Blu-Ray Steelbook Entertainment Store Exclusive



  1. This looks so nice..must have!!

  2. Hello!
    i so enjoy Steelbooks!
    But i’m a poor American!
    The Dark Knight Rises w/Bane & the Bat!
    The World War Z looks Awesome
    & i’m sure the Upcoming Man of Steel will b Great!
    Mayb u have some kind of Deal for people that buy many Steelbooks over a years time?
    Thanx for Listening!! 🙂

    • No, nothing like that, thanks for looking.

  3. World War Z does not have zero varnish!

    It’s matte..

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