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Gran Torino Makes Way For Blu-ray SteelBook!

Gran Torino Makes Way For Blu-ray SteelBook!

Clint Eastwood’s masterpeice will be arriving to Blu-ray SteelBook in Germany at or around the date of July 10th. For those who havent seen this movie, you really should. I really enjoyed this movie, but if your an action whore you may not.  I love witty remarks, one-liners and such and Clint definitely delivers those in this one. The SteelBook comes in the look much like “Leon” where its more so a sillouettte. It appears to have a slip cover too, so I only assume if that is indeed a slip cover then the steel cover will look the same, it may not. However, the slip cover would be beneficial as then the new rating law logo wouldnt be on the main cover of the steel.

grantorinosteelGran Torino (Steelbook, Single Disc) [Blu-ray]

It’s currently sitting at 34.99 Euros but its not uncommon for the price to come down before release as its still showing a placeholder release date of 12/31/09.  So expect this page to update again.

* Since this is a Warner title it will more than likely be region free … Not yet confirmed tho! *


  1. Definite buy for me!

  2. Was this film any good?

  3. The film is amazing!


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