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Iron Man 2 SteelBook Pops up in Germany

Iron Man 2 SteelBook Pops up in Germany

First and foremost … this is theDVD edition … but we all know the blu-ray steelbook is inevitable. The real case in point with this article is the fact of the steelbook artwork itself. What do you all think of this artwork? I’m actually not diggin’ it. Here’s to hoping the blu-ray steelbook artwork is different! Another key note is that it is scheduled to release on October 7th so the Blu-ray steel can be expected then.

Although, we should all know by now this will be multi-country released so with that in mind someone’s gonna have some kick ass artwork! 🙂

Credit for the initial findings go to “Julien” via our contact/submit news form. Thanks Julien.

Iron Man 2 – Steelbook DVD Listing


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  1. i want one

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