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The Adjustment Bureau Steelbook in the UK [Update]

The Adjustment Bureau Steelbook in the UK [Update]

Nice to see a sudden awakening in Steelbooks in the UK. Steady releases are always good for us collectors, not so much on the wallet though, anyway Matt Damon’s latest motion picture will be receiving a Steelbook treatment and will be available in 3 of the most popular online retailers in the UK. There’s no price available yet, but you can almost anticipate that it will be around 17.99 to 19.99 GBP (approx. $29.42 – $32.69 USD). Amazon is currently listing the item to be released on July 11. No artwork is available at the moment.


All links are now showing a price of £17.99.


  1. Up for pre order now, HMv £17.99

    • Will this be Region locked or region free??

  2. region free.

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