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Super 8 Blu-ray SteelBooks

Super 8 Blu-ray SteelBooks

France was first to throw up a listing for the Sci-fi hit Super 8 in Steelbook form, and with the English text on the front many thought this many be a universal release. And that is was, now the UK has a listing up at HMV. So what do you all think of this artwork? It’s definitely different … love it? hate it? Are you buying the Super 8 blu-ray steelbook?

Super 8 – Edition collector limitée boîtier métal – Exclusivité [Blu-ray]

Super 8 UK SteelBook HMV

This is early artwork, and I have already confirmed this to be a SteelBook and not a stickerbook although it may give that impression.


  1. I like it!

  2. this film was terrific…however, the artwork on the steelbook could stand for an improvement!

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