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DVD – Iron Maiden En Vivo SteelBook Edition

DVD – Iron Maiden En Vivo SteelBook Edition

There was just too many Iron Maiden fans for us not to cover this one regardless of the format! Iron Maiden En Vivo from EMI comes to us in collector Steelbook packaging which includes their live concert at estadio nacional in Santiago, Chile (120 minutes) as well as a documentary “Behind the Beast” feature (102 minutes). The 2 disc dvd9 edition we had on hand was that of the UK and played fine in a USA player.

The title tho is available in almost all Countries world-wide. Packed with DTS and Dolby Digital the concert looked amazing upconverted in my blu-ray player. The disc contains subtitles for English/Spanish/French/German/Italian/Dutch/Portuguese/Swedish/Hindi. The top half of the steelbook has one of the best gold effects I’ve ever seen on a steelbook. Very nice. Blu-ray Iron Maiden Lovers can source the blu-ray for En Vivo and put it inside this steelbook for a personalized convert. 😉

For a Limited Time we’re giving away 5 prize packages

on the Hi-Def Ninja forums here.



  1. Saweet steelbook – Iron Maiden ROCK!!

  2. If i don't win,i think i'm going to buy this steelbook.
    Looks awesome.

  3. A feast for both visual and audiophiles – a must for all collectors:)

  4. Always giving away awesome stuff.

  5. Very, very cool set. Awesome artwork and very cool steelbook.

  6. Very nice!!!!

  7. winnner posted on forum thread. (Congrats Thunda)

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