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Avengers Assemble Blu-ray Steelbook announced for release in the United Kingdom

Avengers Assemble Blu-ray Steelbook announced for release in the United Kingdom

Avengers Assemble! Coming to the United Kingdom, HMV has posted an order link for the Avengers Assemble preorder. No artwork yet but pricing £17.99 GBP or $27.44 USD before shipping. More info when we get it.

NOTE: the artwork doesn’t reflect any planned of initial art.

Avengers Assemble Purchase Link for HMV

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Avengers Assemble Blu-Ray Steelbook United Kingdom



  1. can anyone tell me what assemble means , is this 1 or 2 disc or does it mean something else , i am dutch , understand and can read english very well but just don,t know what they mean with this.

    • Assemble does not mean anything content wise. They changed the UK name from Marvel's Avengers to Avengers Assemble as Disney think UK citizens are too DUMB to know the difference between a old TV series called The Avengers and a 2012 film about superheroes.

    • Hi Rob, In England we are not allowed to call the film "Avengers" due to a copyright infringement against a old television show and movie called "The Avengers" (Look it up had Sean Connery in the movie).

      So in the UK its called "Avengers Assemble", the word Assemble means come together, and I believe the saying "Avengers Assemble" was used in the comic book when calling the Avengers together (not to sure on that).

      Hope That Helps
      And Can't wait for this!

    • assemble means to come together in one place. It has no meaning related to the steelbook. I think 'Avengers Assemble' was an phrase used in marketing the movie in the U.S.

      • No, it’s a phrase from the comic books. It’s the famous battle cry of the team

    • In the UK there is already a TV show from the past called "The Avengers" so the marvel film was always marketed as "Avenger's Assemble" to avoid confusion.

  2. I don't like the title in the UK Assemble why oh why did we need that on the end of a perfectly fine title.

  3. I hope it's good. DEAR GOD, I HOPE IT'S GOOD. Best movie ever, needs the best steelbook ever. It's from HMV, so If it's anything like Captain America's or Thor's then it will be good. But it needs to go beyond that.

  4. It looks as though this will have the black cover like the Italian and Spanish editions

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