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Safe House Blu-ay Steelbook released in the Netherlands

Safe House Blu-ay Steelbook released in the Netherlands

On June 20th, 2012 Safe House was released in a blu-ray steelbook. The steelbook is very nice with a debossed title and includes 2 discs. Pricing is currently 29.99€ EUR or $37.50 USD before shipping. Looks very nice so it’s worth the order.

In Cape Town, South Aftica, rookie CIA agent Matt Weston is a safe house keeper and is in love with his French girlfriend Ana Moreau who does not know about his double life. When the most wanted rogue and former CIA agent Tobin Frost surrenders to the American Consulate to escape from an attack of dangerous soldiers of fortune, he is brought to the safe house to be interrogated by specialist Daniel Kiefer and his team. However there is a breach in the safe house and mercenaries break in the place expecting to capture Tobin Frost. Matt escapes with Tobin and he contacts the CIA senior management Harlan Whitford, David Barlow and Catherine Linklater that give instruction to Matt to reach another safe house. But Tobin warns Matt that there is an informer in the CIA and he shall not trust in anyone. — IMDb Plot: Safe House (2012)

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Safe House blu-ray Steelbook Netherlands


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