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In addition, young teachers will participate in the work of methodological associations

In addition, young teachers will participate in the work of methodological associations

Various options are planned for the interaction of students receiving teacher education with future jobs, including practice, virtual excursions, presentations and other events. 

In addition, young teachers will participate in the work of methodological associations. It is also planned to develop the institution of mentoring and provide incentives.


Residents of the Yaroslavl Region in social networks began to actively support the participants in the qualifying rounds of the VIII National Championship “Young Professionals” (WorldSkills Russia).

More than 1,300 members are registered in the movement support club. This year, due to the difficult epidemiological situation, the competitions will be held in a distance format. The guys will perform tasks on specially equipped sites, without leaving anywhere, under the supervision of webcams. Their work will be judged by experts located in the Competition Management Centers. The Yaroslavl Region is one of the co-organizing regions. In the field of such Centers there will be four – by competencies: “Preschool education”, “Entrepreneurship”, “Locomotive management”, “Teaching in elementary grades.” Now work is underway to prepare the competition grounds and equip them with equipment.


The qualifying competitions in Russia will be held in 27 competencies from August 1 to August 20, 2020. It is planned that about 400 contestants and more than 640 experts from 72 regions of the country will take part in them.  

The organizers invite everyone who wants to support the Yaroslavl team to join the support club on Vkontakte and Instagram. For fans, online platforms contain a lot of useful information about the championship and professions, master classes from participants and experts, challenges, contests and prize drawings are held.  

The winners of the qualifying competitions will have the right to participate in the final of the VIII National Championship “Young Professionals” (WorldSkills Russia), which will be held from September 7 to 20, 2020 in Novokuznetsk.

The authorities of the Tula region are implementing the project “Vacations-online”, reports “Interfax”. 

“On behalf of the Governor Alexei Dyumin, new forms of events, involving outdoor activities, have been added to the weekly updated schedule of the“ Vacation-Online ”project. Until the end of August, more than 4.5 thousand competitions, festivals, excursions and other leisure activities are planned at the municipal level, including in the framework of courtyards and outdoor teenage clubs in compliance with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor, “said the Minister of Education of the region Alevtina Sheveleva.

The Minister clarified that there are also provided Internet lessons on the prevention of child road traffic injuries, safety in water bodies, compliance with the rules of handling fire.

Within the framework of the project, a cycle of outdoor events and master classes is planned for children from different municipalities. 

Such classes will be held in August at the Growing Point centers within the framework of the Mobile Teacher project. In addition, the children’s technopark “Quantorium” in August organizes an Open Day in all directions, as well as an industrial design hackathon.

“We see the demand for the project“ Vacations-online ”thanks to monitoring within the framework of another project -“ Summer Employment Card for Schoolchildren ”. Today more than 90 thousand people are involved in projects. And weekly monitoring of the number of spectators and participants in various events helps us to adjust the schedule of classes, to make them more fun and useful for children, “Alevtina Sheveleva emphasized.

More than a thousand events have been prepared for schoolchildren in the region. Virtual excursions, quizzes, master classes, game libraries, educational programs and competitions, exhibitions and conferences are held online.

Full-time sports competitions, the Summer Adventure quest game and other events are organized. 

In the Sevastopol children’s technopark “Quantorium” a new direction “Mariquantum” has opened, the information platform “Crimea-Press” reports.

Classes are aimed at schoolchildren and students aged 10 to 21 years.

The program includes two courses. On the Aquadrive direction, children will learn how to operate a model of a racing vessel, pilot underwater drones through an FPV helmet, get acquainted with the basics of underwater robotics and take part in educational races of radio-controlled boats. 

Intensive “The World Ocean as Hydrocosm. New Goals and Opportunities for Marine Research ”is devoted to the types of ships and the basics of navigation, monitoring of water areas, resources of the seas and oceans, as well as the invention of automatic means of cleaning water bodies and marine robots. 

Registration for the annual program of the project will take place on July 31 and August 1. 

In the new academic year, children from six municipalities of the Tambov region will be able to study in the children’s mobile technology park Quantorium.

The educational activities of the project will be based on the implementation of programs in the subject area “Technology” and additional general development programs of technical and natural science orientation in terms of such areas of the quantorium as virtual and augmented reality (VR / AR) / information technology (IT), geoinformation technologies / aeronautical technologies, industrial robotics / industrial design, hi-tech.

Currently, the main preparations for its creation and functioning on the basis of the children’s technopark “Quantorium-Tambov” are being completed: the acquisition of high-tech equipment and the car itself, training of teachers-mentors is being carried out, programs for children are being developed.

Today, the total number of students enrolled in the region with additional education in technical and natural sciences is about 21 thousand people. The work of the mobile technopark will make it possible to reach an additional thousand more children who are interested in innovative areas of technical creativity, invention, design and research activities.

The mobile technopark “Quantorium” is being created within the framework of the regional project “Success of every child” of the national project “Education”.

2.5 thousand teachers of the Sakhalin region from the beginning of the school year will receive a monthly bonus for class leadership. For these purposes, 153 million rubles have been allocated from the federal budget, the press service of the regional government reports. 

“A new federal monthly supplement for teachers is being introduced by order of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin from September 1 – from the beginning of the next academic year. Its size on Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands will be higher than in most regions of the country – instead of 5 thousand rubles, taking into account the northern allowances, the remuneration will be from 9.5 to 14 thousand rubles. The necessary amount from the federal budget has already been brought to the region, more than 153 million rubles have been allocated for additional payments, ”the statement says.

Anastasia Kikteva, Minister of Education of the Sakhalin Region, noted the need for additional encouragement of class teachers, since they carry out a volume of work that is not directly related to the educational process. 

Currently, in the Sakhalin Oblast, the remuneration system provides for an additional payment for classroom management in the amount of up to 31% of the salary. With the maximum occupancy of the class, the amount of payment in a city school is over 8 thousand rubles, in a rural school – over 10 thousand

Starting from the new academic year, taking into account the presidential encouragement, the monthly allowance amount will be from 17.5 to 28 thousand rubles, depending on the teacher’s place of work.

As part of the federal project “Digital Educational Environment” of the national project “Education” colleges and schools of the Ivanovo region receive computer and presentation equipment. At the expense of the federal and regional budgets, 77 schools from 17 municipalities and 24 colleges in the region will be equipped. A total of 240 million rubles have been allocated for these purposes. 

The romeo and juliet tragic hero essay kits include laptops for students, teachers and the administration of the educational organization, multifunctional devices and interactive computing systems. The technical characteristics of the equipment are determined by the Ministry of Education of Russia and are the same for all regions within the framework of the developed target model of the digital educational environment. Such equipment will allow students to access digital educational content platforms, as well as digital simulators and tests during lessons.

The implementation of the Digital Educational Environment project will continue until 2024. Immediate plans include upgrading computer equipment in 2021–2022 in another 54 schools in the region.