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How To Fix a Loose Disc in a SteelBook!

How To Fix a Loose Disc in a SteelBook!

Let me guess, you just got your precious Blu-ray SteelBook in the mail and the damn thing has a floater, a cringing sound rattling about, a loose disc! EEK!!! How in the hell could you possibly fix this?

Well, I’ve got your answer… wait, no I dont.

Actually, infamous SteelBook collector CrashKelly has your answer!

Hold the stelbook with the front cover face up and gently shake the case until the loose disc, or floater, sounds like it has come to rest on the center hub. The easiest way to tell this is essentially that when you shake the case very gently the floater does not rattle around anymore.

Now, put your fingers around the back of the steelbook and your two thumbs on the left and right sides of the front of the case with each of them about halfway between the outer edges of the case and the hub in the center.

Once setup in this configuration, begin to compress the steelbook between your fingers and thumbs. The steelbook will flex and deform, but it will not permanently bend. When you feel like you have compressed the steelbook enough, compress it a little more and your disc should reseat. You may or may not hear a slight click when the dsc reseats, but this depends on the case itself and the hub.

That is it

It will take you a few tries to master it, it took me about 10 or 15 tries before I got my first one to reseat, but once you get it, you get it. Now, about 75% of the time I can get it on the first try and of the ones that do not reseat on the first try, about 99% go on the second.

Again, I must stress to you, that although it looks and feels like you are going to damage the steelbook, you will not, or at least to this point I have not and I have probably done about 25 of them.

This is a great trick as I, like tiger and I am sure a few others, have replaced a steelbook because the one that I received had a floater.

You have now been enlighten, go forth and spread the word of the steel ……

Cheers and good luck my friends


  1. LOL floater!


  2. Just tried this with my SB and it worked – cheers!! 😀


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