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Minority Report Blu-ray SteelBook UK Coming Soon

Minority Report Blu-ray SteelBook UK Coming Soon

Taking a gander at our Forums we noticed member incredipinoy got the scoop on a UK edition of the upcoming recently announced for blu-ray title Minority Report which will be making its way to our beloved Blu-ray SteelBook. The Minority Report Blu-ray SteelBook is scheduled so far for a May 17th release date and can be had from … but international buyer beware, they have some of the worst packaging known to man and its a crap shoot whether you get a dented steel or not. Sprinkle in some crappy customer service and you’ll be one steamed Blu-ray steelbook collector.

This should be available in store as well in the UK and is clocking in at a Price of £17.99 + Free UK Delivery.


  1. This is a MUST! One of the best films I have seen! Glad to see it gets a SteelBook treatment!

  2. Cool movie indeed, will definitely get for sure

  3. Wow, I think I may want to try and get this. The steel looks better then the US BD cover.


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