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No Avatar Steelbook at Futureshop!

No Avatar Steelbook at Futureshop!

Yup, you read that correctly. Product Buyer Brana over at Futureshop has confirmed that in fact Avatar will no be receiving a Steelbook treatment in Canada. Reason being that the studio behind Cameron’s film is not allowing a exclusives or changes for the planned release, which is still tentative. One things does come to mind and that might be because of the 3D plans the studio has, who knows? Well there it is folks, no Avatar Steelbook in Canada.

Here are Brana’s words:

* Avatar is not happening as the studio via Cameron is not allowing any exclusives or modifications to the standard plan for the still rumored April release. We are actively pushing to a deluxe Steelbook version for later in the year.


  1. I'm glad. Canada shouldn't be the only place to get a Steelbook exclusive anyway.



    I'm sad…


  3. on the edit

    Keep me posted, may ask for your help in getting one!


  4. I bet a different studio will have rights elsewhere and another country will do it. So no probs there.

  5. I am hoping some other country releases the steelbook.

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